Study Online or on Campus

DILL is a two-year international master for elite information professionals to provide them with the skills and competencies to navigate the rapidly evolving world of digital libraries. It is offered in cooperation between Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (Norway), Tallinn University (Estonia), and the University of Parma (Italy). Students will spend at least one semester at each institution.

The Dill master’s course is also offered as a distance education with online tutorials.

The first semester starts with a  summer school, and takes place in Oslo, Norway.  The summer school is on campus event for all students.  For the rest of the Oslo-semester you may choose to study either online or on campus.   The second semester, is given through online tutorials and by the University of Tallinn in Estonia. The third semester contains a second summer school, and takes place in Parma, Italy.  The summer school has to be taken on site, but for the rest of the semster you may choose if you want to study online or on site.   Students will also do an international internship in this semester.  In the final semester, students can choose in which country they would like to write their Master’s thesis.

The reading lists for all courses in DILL are published under each module, but in addition, there are two books that will be used throughout the programme:

  • Lesk, M. (2004). Understanding Digital Libraries (Second ed.). San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufman Publishers.
  • Witten, I.H. & Bainbridge, D. (2003). How to Build a Digital Library. San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufman Publishers.