Oslo and Akershus University College

Oslo  and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA)
HiOA offers the broadest portfolio of professional studies available in Norway. The teaching is founded on research and characterised by a close interaction between students and academic staff. HiOA has more than 50 academic degrees in the following areas: Business Administration, Engineering, Fine Art, Design, Drama, Health Sciences, Media Studies, Social Sciences, and Teacher Education. HiOA’s main campus in Pilestredet is conveniently located in the centre of Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Oslo Panorama (by D. Neyt)

Oslo panorama view


Norway is the northernmost country of Europe. While in Norway you should experience the breathtaking landscapes and see the mountains and the fjords of Norway. Travel to the University town of Bergen with one of the most beautiful train-rides of the world or fly far north to Tromsø, and experience either the midnight sun or gaze the night sky for northern lights.

Accommodation and living expenses

HiOAs partner Student Welfare Organisation (SIO) arranges housing for international students staying 3 months or more. They start at € 350 a month. International Students from outside of EU are guaranteed housing if they apply within before deadline. The same guarantee is not given to the European students, as they are served on first come first served basis. Average living expenses in Norway, not including housing, is between € 500 – 700 a month.


The majority of the Norwegian population speaks fluid English. Almost a fourth of the inhabitants of Oslo are non-citizens of Norway, creating a strong multicultural feeling of tolerance and openness to all. All three partner institutions offers language courses in the local languages.


Non EU-citizens must apply for residency permit in each of the three countries. More information and assistance will be provided upon acceptance into the programme.